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Our kennel King of the truffles FCI 5046 is located in Serbia.
We are a kennel that deals exclusively with the breeding of the Lagotto Romagnolo dog breed.
Our kennel is registered in 2010 in FCI and since then we have been trying to improve our breeding program through the selection of dogs.
When we select dogs and chose parents to our puppies our priorities are temperament and genetic health.
Beside that, hair and anatomy are also important.
A goal of our breeding is to maintain continuity of healthy, temperamental and beautiful puppies that will beautify the lives of our clients around the world.
From the moment of booking the puppies our clients receive pictures and videos of their puppy from us and so they follow the growth and development of their puppies.
After taking over the puppies we stay in touch with our clients, we are always available for advice and guidelines regarding to puppies.

When we talk about our adult Lagottos, we always try to satisfy their national needs. The best way for that is when we take our dogs into the forest to find truffles. Our dogs are really great trackers. We are lucky to live in a part of Serbia where there's a lot of black and white truffles in nature, so we have long walks in nature, trough the forest and finding truffles are very important part in developing the work potential of our Lagottos.
Beside the excellent work, our dogs are recognizable by their excellent exterior.
We visit dog shows very often and we always record good results that is one more confirmation of the quality and beauty of our dogs.

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