Lagotto and Truffles

About Truffles

Learn a little more information about truffles

When you hear a word truffle, your first association is Lagotto Romagnolo, when you hear a word Lagotto Romagnolo, your first association is truffle.
That connection between Lagotto and the truffles can be explained by the fact that the Lagotto breed is the only specialized for finding truffles.
The truffles are mycorrhizal fuugis that grow in the forest in symbiosis with the root of the tree.
Without planting, without human factor the truffles grows and matures, so we can say that the truffles are fruits from the God's garden.
When the truffle matures, he leaves strong, characteristic smell and than on the scene comes our dog ( The best choise is Lagotto Romagnolo).
Well trained dog feels the smell of the truffle on the 10 to 20 metres. After that, our dog starts digging.
A black truffle up to a depth of 20 cm the dog digs himself and brings to the owners hand.
The white truffle is on the depth till 80cm.
For the white truffle your dog will show you with his paw where to digg, after that it's on you to digg the truffle from the ground.
From may to september is a season of the black summer truffle.
From october to january is the white truffle season.
These are two kinds of the truffles most represented and which are most in the nature.
Our Lagottos can find both, black and white truffles.
The time spent in the forest with our Lagottos is preciouse.
That's actually a combination of walking, adrenalin, passion and at the end good and unique teste of the truffles.